Send to Exchange distribution list

This section is about how to select who receives updates from Epicenter using a distribution list. If you want to send distribution lists so that the distribution lists appear on the smartphone, please see Send distribution lists.

The recommended configuration for Epicenter Server to manage recipients is to create a static Distribution List in Exchange that defines who receives updates from Epicenter Server. To tell Epicenter to use that distribution list, open the Settings for a task, go to the Recipients tab, and enter the email address of the group (such as:  Epicenter reads the recipients from this distribution list before each update, so changes to the distribution list will be picked up automatically. Epicenter does not use Outlook's Offline Address Book (OAB) to expand the distribution list, so you do not need to update the OAB to get Outlook to recognize the changes.

Epicenter does not support sending to hidden distribution lists.

You must use a static distribution list. Dynamic distribution lists are not supported. One workaround is to run a nightly PowerShell task that creates a static distribution list based on some criteria. Connected Software does not offer support on how to do this, but there are several examples on the web, such as this one: