Technique 2: Full Access privilege

This page describes how to connect Epicenter to mailboxes from other users when using Microsoft 365 or other Hosted Exchange providers. The exact steps are documented below.

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Using Epicenter Server with Microsoft 365 has several requirements:
  1. Epicenter Server must be able to connect to the Exchange mailbox without having to enter a username and password. See Outlook Passwords for more information.
  2. Configure Epicenter Server to use "Full Access" Exchange Privileges in the Tools | Exchange Privileges window.
  3. Configure Exchange to give the Epicenter account Full Access privileges, as described below. Make sure you disable AutoMap.
  4. IMPORTANT: If you have Modern Authentication enabled in Microsoft 365, you MUST use Outlook 2013. Outlook versions 2016/2019/365 will not work properly.
    Install Outlook 2013 SP1 and then install all recent Windows Update fixes.

Grant the Epicenter mailbox Full Access to other mailboxes

Configure the Full Access privilege on Microsoft 365 using PowerShell. Do not use the Exchange Admin Console (EAC) because you can't configure AutoMap. PowerShell is also easier for production deployment because you can allow access to all mailboxes with a single command.

All changes are made from the PowerShell command line. Here are instructions specific to Microsoft 365:

IMPORTANT: Notice halfway down the page, under Update, where it says to add -AutoMapping $false to your command line. This is required, otherwise Outlook will attempt to open every mailbox that you've set for Full Access, which could take a long time.

Fixing "execution of scripts is disabled"

When executing the Powershell commands, If you get an error about, "xxx cannot be loaded because the execution of scripts is disabled", then please see this link:

Hosted Exchange (not Microsoft 365)

If you are using a Hosted Exchange Server, you must:

  1. Ensure that Epicenter Server is able to connect to the Exchange mailbox without having to enter a username and password. See Outlook Passwords for more information.
  2. In Epicenter Server, go to the Tools | Exchange Privileges window and select Epicenter has "Full Access" to recipients' mailboxes.
  3. Give the account used by Epicenter Server “Full Access” to each mailbox that Epicenter must update. This means that each mailbox must be individually configured by an administrator. The process is dependent on the vendor’s web control panel. Below are instructions for Microsoft 365. As part of this process, you must set AutoMap to $false or Outlook will try to open every mailbox, which can take half an hour or more.  If you are not able to disable Automap, you will need to use Outlook 2010 with Epicenter, not Outlook 2013, because Outlook 2010 will ignore the Automap request from Exchange.