Technique 1: Receive-As privilege

Using the Receive-As privilege is only suitable for a dedicated Exchange Server environment. This technique is the easiest to configure, but requires administrative access to the Exchange Server. See Technique 2: Full Access privilege if you use a Hosted Exchange service, such as Office 365.

This configuration gives Epicenter Server access to all mailboxes and so may not be appropriate in some highly secure environments.


Give Epicenter Server a dedicated Exchange mailbox. Do not configure your own account for unlimited access. See Create an Exchange Mailbox.

Connected Software does not provide free technical support for Exchange administration tasks such as configuring permissions on your Exchange Server.

Setting Permissions on Exchange

To enable access to  all mailboxes for Exchange Server, go to the article titled How to Allow Mailbox Access:

Look for the section that describes how to grant the Receive-As permission to the mailbox database. You do not need to grant the necessary permission on a per-mailbox basis.

Here is an example:

  1. Start the Exchange Management Shell (not the Console.)
  2. Enter this command, all on one line:
[PS] C:\> get-mailboxdatabase | add-adpermission -user "JForrester" -extendedrights receive-as

Test Your Privileges

Changes to permissions can take effect instantly or can take up to two hours. Make sure you follow the steps in Test Mailbox Access under Configuration (typical).