Product Description

Epicenter Server allows organizations to update iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile users with a copy of the corporate address list or any other list of contacts. Epicenter solves the problem of smartphones that can't sync with a public address book.

Most popular questions are answered in the FAQ.

Epicenter Server can be configured in any combination of these update methods:

1. Exchange mailbox updates

Epicenter copies the source address book into each user’s mailbox in Exchange and updates mailboxes as the source address book changes. Then Exchange automatically synchronizes changes wirelessly to the devices via ActiveSync. Changes appear in the default contacts application on the device.

This method requires Exchange Server (dedicated or hosted) and will work with any phone that supports ActiveSync.

See Configuration (Typical) for instructions.

2. Public Folder updates

This option is used to keep a public folder up to date. It is generally not useful for syncing with mobile devices. Epicenter copies the source address book, typically all or part of the Exchange GAL, into a single Public Folder in Exchange.

See Public Folder updates for instructions.

3. Email attachment updates

Epicenter sends out each update as an attachment to email. Users who receive that attachment double click it to update their local address book. This method is intended to update address books for POP3 users and is typically not used for updating smartphones.

See Attachment Updates for POP3/IMAP Users for instructions.