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You can create multiple tasks that run at different times, distribute to different recepients, and/or distribute different contacts.


  • Device segmentation: Android prior to 4.2.2 and Windows Mobile do not support subfolders under contacts, but iOS , BlackBerry and newer Android devices do support subfolders. You can create one task that distributes to a subfolder for BlackBerry and iOS users and a second task that distributes to the default contacts folder for Android and Windows Mobile users. See Destination Folder for more information.
  • Address list segmentation: You could create one task for each department in the company. Each task would distribute only to recipients in that department and only contacts particular to that department would be distributed.
  • Information filtering: You could create one task for executives that distributed contacts with home addresses and phone numbers and a second task that distributed contacts to everyone else without this information. This scenario requires that the home addresses and phone numbers be added using scripting.


Licenses are based on the total number of mailboxes, regardless of how many tasks those mailboxes appear in. For more information, see Manage user licenses.